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Posters & Presentations

Recent Department Presentations & Posters (2021-22)

Katya Zinsli, Fiona Beckett, Amanda Holden (2022) Piecing It Together: Analysis and Treatment of a Painted Silk Flag. 2022 AIC Conference Poster Presentation.

Stephanie Guidera, Aaron N. Shugar, Jennier McGlinchey-Sexton (2021) Identifying 3D Printing Manufacture Techniques. 2021 AIC Conference Poster Presentation.

LaStarsha McGarity, Jiuan Jiuan Chen, Rebecca Ploeger, Jonathan Thornton (2021) The Surveying of Washington, DC by Benjamin Banneker. 2021 AIC Conference Poster Presentation.

You can visit this page for posters and presentations from the Class of 2013-2019 and faculty.

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Patricia H. and Richard E. Garman Art Conservation Department

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