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Objects Conservation Studios

Student in objects lab working

An enormous variety of three-dimensional objects are conserved in our two studios, Objects I & II, and an equally wide variety of tools and materials are available for conservation treatments. We have three stereo microscopes with video and photomacrographic accessories including a floor standing Wild that can be positioned in any orientation. Equipment includes a dental vacuum, a jewelers lathe, a polishing lathe and associated materials, flexible shaft machines and accessories, an air-abrasive unit with glove box, and a range of tools and materials for box and mount making. An extensive range of organic solvents, chemicals, lab supplies, inpainting materials, and adhesives and polymers used in conservation treatments are readily available.

Other features are a jewelers bench/work-station, plating and electrotyping equipment, extensive materials and supplies for molding and casting, a large timber press-bed which also supports a crane and lifting tackle, and various apparatus designed and built in the technology shop including devices for repairing flat glass, and for the completion by "spinning" of incomplete archaeological ceramics. The tools, materials, and equipment of the technology shop make it possible to replicate in any material missing parts of virtually any object.

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Patricia H. and Richard E. Garman Art Conservation Department

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