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Discussion: A Pursuit of American Identity

Posted: February 15, 2018
12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. | E. H. Butler Library 210

A civic discussion on what it means to be an American.

As an American—either by naturalization or by birth—this is a crucial time to ask ourselves what it means to be an American. What do we pursue as Americans, and how do we identify ourselves as Americans? These are the questions we need to invoke among newly naturalized citizens and citizens by birth to understand each other and to work together towards the dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed.

He and fellow Civil Rights Movement leaders and activists paved the way for all of us; and as we stand on the shoulders of these giants, this is the time to question ourselves whether we are living up to the dream they fought for all of us or we are falling behind to progress as a society.  Most importantly, the program’s main objective is to exercise our rights as citizens to let our voices heard and to actively participate in civil actions and discourses.

In addition, many Buffalo State students who have recently become American citizens will have a unique opportunity to engage in deep, civic discussions with the campus community. There will be three discussion sessions on three topics led by local civic leaders and social justice activists: civic responsibility, civic engagement, and We the People civic society. Each discussion will be followed by very brief presentations on each topic. The program goal is to make students fully aware of their responsibilities as American citizens so that they are fully charged to exercise their rights such as conducting civil discourses and participating in voting.

The event is open to the campus community and the public. Samosa, sushi, and tea will be served as refreshments.

Program duration: 2 hours (noon–2:00 p.m.)

12:00–12:10 Networking
12:10–12:25 Opening remarks by civic leaders from African American, Latino, and immigrant communities
12:25–12:45 Civic Responsibility
12:45–1:05 Civic Engagement
1:05–1:25 We the People
1:25–1:45  Plenary session
1:45–2:00  Closing remarks

Open to: students, faculty, staff, everyone
Contact: Win Min Thant
Phone: (716) 878-3289

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