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Please note that the Buffalo State Graduate School recently made changes to our application process. If you have applied to our program in the past, the instructions have now changed. Please read all application instructions carefully. If you have any questions please call 716-878-5025 or email All materials must be submitted by the January 3 deadline to be considered for admission in Fall 2020.

Application Requirements

1. Fill out an application for Buffalo State Graduate School.
Go to the graduate school website:

2. TRANSCRIPTS: Submit official transcripts of all academic work including proof of completion of a baccalaureate degree, any advanced degrees, and all supplementary courses in fulfillment of the department’s admission requirements.
Official transcripts for each institution attended should be sent to the Graduate School. For more information go to:

3. Submit GRE scores
Submit your official GRE scores to Buffalo State (school code – 2533)

4. Coursework Listing
In addition to submission of required transcripts, list all courses you have taken in fulfillment of admission requirements (16 credit hours of chemistry, 9 credit hours of studio art, and 21 credit hours of art history) on the Art Conservation page of your online application.

5. Relevant Work Experience
On the Art Conservation page of the online application, list work experience directly related to conservation only, beginning with the most recent. In your list, you must include – Dates of position; How many days per week you worked; Total number of days worked; Indicate whether the position was paid or volunteer; Name of supervisor and institution; List the position you held and nature of work.

6.  Letters of Recommendation
At least three letters - 1 from a professor, 2 from conservators. One letter must be from an academic instructor who can speak to your academic ability and likelihood of success in an intensive M.A. program. Two letters must be from a professional conservator with whom you have worked and completed treatments under, indicating your level of experience and likelihood of future success in the field of conservation. Please check with recommenders well in advance of the application deadline to ensure your letters are submitted before the deadline.
Letters are submitted within the Graduate School application. You will enter the email addresses of your recommenders and they will receive a request to upload a letter of recommendation to your application.

7.  $65 Application Fee
Paid as part of the Graduate School application.

8. Autobiographical Statement TO BE UPLOADED
A 1,000-word autobiographical statement including an explanation as to why you are interested in the graduate-level training provided by the Art Conservation Department, and how such training relates to your professional objectives. 
After submitting your online application, follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email from the Graduate School.

9.  Curriculum Vitae TO BE UPLOADED
After submitting your online application, follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email from the Graduate School. 

10.  Portfolio TO BE UPLOADED
Submit printed detailed images showing at least 6 works of art or craft projects you recently completed. This sampling should include diverse media and materials in both 2-D and 3-D work, demonstrating your fine hand skills. Sketches, drawings, paintings, and/or sculpture should show representational, rather than abstract, subjects. Examples of jewelry, fine woodworking, and bookbinding are also welcome. Examples of photographic arts (unless they include handmade frames) are not suitable as they do not attest to the hand skills of the applicant. Not all works have to be the result of a formal course. Please include a cover sheet.

The purpose of your portfolio is to demonstrate your mastery of materials and to communicate that fact to the selection committee. A high a level of manual proficiency will allow you to quickly learn and perform refined conservation treatments.

After submitting your online application, follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email from the Graduate School.

Your portfolio cover sheet should list the following points for each work submitted:
1. Materials and techniques employed, and the year it was created
2. A brief description of the context under which the artwork was created and the process(es) employed
3. How each artwork demonstrates your skill or proficiency at using those particular materials or techniques.

Applicants for whom English is a second language must submit a score of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as documentation of English language proficiency. Applicants with a minimum TOEFL score of 550 or higher on the paper exam or 79 on the Internet exam, or with an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher, may be considered for admission. Information on the TOEFL can be found at  Information on the IELTS can be found at

* Deadline for submitting all materials – January 3, 2020 *

Please note: 
It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application and supporting materials are received on or before the closing date. Candidates whose files are not complete will not be considered for admission in that year. 

The Admissions Committee will meet after January 3, 2020, to consider all completed application files. Selected applicants will be invited to come to Buffalo for an hour-long interview, scheduled for late March or early April.

Interviewees are asked to present a portfolio of artwork and a summary of their conservation experience, usually through an illustrated presentation (Powerpoint). A color perception test will also be administered. Interviewees will be hosted by the current first-year students, who will provide a tour of the department facilities. Applicants who are invited to interview will receive an informational packet about the interview process. 

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